Asher Electro Lap Steel Strings EH6-15 – Single Set for 6-string

Sound is everything

These lap steel strings produce a beautiful, clear tone with great sustain and minimal slide noise. It also reduces the need to retune frequently.

  • USA crafted electric lap steel strings for 6-string lap steel guitar for 23″ to 25″ scale instrument
  • Nickel round wound strings in medium gauge sealed for longevity
  • Produces bright, well balanced tone
  • Tunings to use are open e, open d, open g (dobro), or g6 (Hawaiian)

Built to last

Not only are these strings manufactured in the USA by La Bella, they consist of quality materials with tried and true techniques for a superior set of guitar strings that won’t break down after a few sessions. The vacuum-sealed packaging protects against moisture and oxygen so the set stays fresh until you are ready to use them.

Suitable for many different tunings

No matter what type of music you play, these strings support a variety of tunings such as Open E, Open D, Open G and G6.


“I bought these as replacements for the new Asher lap steel guitar I bought elsewhere. These come as ‘original equipment’ on the Asher Electro Hawaiian Junior and I wanted to have a ready replacement in case of breakage. I need not have worried. I haven’t replaced them yet as the originals still sound incredible and remain in tune through many hours of learning to play the lap steel. Eventually I will have to replace them, but if it’s any indication, these beauties should continue to stay in tune and sound great for many more sessions.”

“I have used these on a lap steel guitar tuned to a G6 chord. I found them to produce good tone and they stay in tune well. I was surprised because the lap steel guitar is one that I built myself using basic tuning keys. They are not flat wound, but the slide noise is minimal.”

“Put these lap steel strings on my Gretsch and really like the heavy gauge and great classic tone. Intonation and balance are excellent and the quality of these strings are very good and worth the price.”

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