Gretsch Electromatic Lap Steel Guitar

Get the Gretsch G5715 Electromatic lap steel guitar, and you’ll have some serious mojo on your hands at a great price.

No matter what you play, you’ll love the sweet sound and artistic look of the G5715 Electromatic.

You get a Gretsch single-coil pickup to put out vibrant, chimey tone, and chrome hardware and a silver deco control plate for an eye-catching look. The sound is unmistakable, the look is distinctive, and it’s simply a ton of fun to play – so order your Gretsch G5715 Electromatic lap steel guitar today!

Gretsch G5715 Features:

  • Lap steel guitar with single-coil pickup
  • Color: Black Sparkle
  • Solid mahogany body for rich tone and ample sustain
  • Chrome-plated hardware 28-fret neck with 22.5″ scale length


“It sounds great and is well built. For the price you cannot do any better.”

“If you are just wanting to start out in the world of Lap Steel, this Gretsch is a good choice … the choices of beginner’s Lap Steels are sparse … what you DON’T want is something so inferior as to be uninspiring, hard to play or very poor in the sound department … I have found this Gretsch to be very solid for an entry level instrument … it holds tune well, the pickup is decent (if a little bit noisy as single coils tend to be) and it plays easy … This is a simple, no-nonsense Lap Steel that should take you from beginner to intermediate without breaking the bank … “

“I bought this guitar a couple of years ago, and I have really gotten in to learning it in the past year. These things are pretty simple, so there’s not a whole lot that can go wrong. One thing that I noticed is that the fretboard did not lay completely flat (this had no effect on the sound or playability), but I took it off and glued it down, now it looks perfect. I have also added legs to it. I bought plain table legs from a hardware store, stained them, and they work great. I was able to place the sockets in such a way that I can still lay the guitar on my lap comfortably when I don’t want to use the legs.I think the pickup is totally sufficient. It can get a little hot, and the highs can be a little much, but if you roll the tone knob back about 1/3 of the way you get a real sweet tone. I play this through my Peavey Deuce, and it sounds sweet.

I am a C6 player, and using this guitar I can get all the country twang I want. the notes and chords are all there, you just have to find them.

In conclusion, I think that this is a very solid guitar. I am planning on getting a pedal steel in the near future, and this guitar has been a great way for me to get into steel guitar. With this guitar, you can get used to using a full-size tonebar, metal finger picks, and volume pedal. I have been able to work on many aspect of my steel guitar technique with this instrument, and I think it has been a great introductory steel.”

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