Pearse SP-2 Guitar Steel

These guitar steels are designed by musicians with the special demands of today’s playing styles in mind.

They offer unique design features not found on any other bars, including cutaway ends for improved control, and a semi-bullet tip which facilitates movement across the strings.

Shubb-Pearse steels are machined, not extruded, so the playing surface has a true radius. Made of brass for warm musical tone, and heavily chrome plated (not nickel) for abrasion resistance

The SP-2 design was suggested by Peter Grant, the extra mass (for tone) and double cutaway (for control) make this a versatile bar for various styles of resophonic and lap steel guitar.


“I’m just learning lap steel guitar and started with a Stevens bar, which is cut straight at the ends. I found the ends were snagging on the strings. Certainly as my technique gets better I’d learn to avoid this problem, but then I tried this SP-2 and it immediately made playing a lot easier and better sounding. It’s heavier than a Stevens bar which helps prevent buzzes, and the contoured ends keep me from snagging strings inadvertently. I got the SP-2 because I’m playing 6-string and the length is just right. The SP-1 is a little longer and would be the choice if you’re playing 8-string lap steel. Glad I gave this bar a shot, it’s helped immeasurably!”

“Love this slide. Of course preference is the real variable, but the weight on this is just what I need. It’s not as long as a lot of other slides — although it’s not “short” — and it’s a few ounces heavier — although not heavy — so it’s got a good weight without taking up too much real estate and it doesn’t strain the hand to hold or play. And the bevel/bullet on one side and flat end on the other keep playing options open.”

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