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Campaigners for public poetry, and certain in the knowledge that poetry is the highest art form, White Rabbit brings a unique blend of spoken word and acoustic rhythms.

Taking some of the world’s finest poems from an eclectic mix of favourite writers, from Yevgeny Yevtushenko to Dylan Thomas, from Gwen Harwood to Ezra Pound, this five piece ensemble puts a new spin on performance poetry, in keeping with the bardic tradition of long ago.

White Rabbit’s first CD ‘Shiver Test’ is a unique blend of poetry and music, featuring poems by Ezra Pound, Judith Wright, William Blake, Dylan Thomas, James K. Baxter, Sarah Gale, and others.

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1. The City of Yes and the City of No
2. In the Beginning
3. When I Have Fears
4. Spell of Creation
5. The Transitional Man
6. The Tyger
7. Lament of the Frontier Guard
8. Silence
9. Chaos
10. Boundary Conditions
11. As Kingfishers Catch Fire
12. The Ikons
13. Full Moon Rhyme
14. The Eye of the Angel
15. Beach House

Sample tracks

The Transitional Man

The City of Yes and the City of No


Shiver Test is also available on Spotify and on CDBaby.

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