Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel Guitar

  • Produces classic country, Hawaiian, and blues tones
  • Hardwood body
  • Hardwood neck with position markers
  • Single-coil pickup
  • Volume and tone controls
  • Chrome hardware
  • Geared Tuners
  • Single-coil pickup
  • Carry bag
  • Includes 3 screw-in height-adjustable legs

Slide into some classic country, Hawaiian, and blues tones with the affordable Rogue RLS1 Lap Steel Guitar.

“I got this lap guitar as part of a set with an Ebow, a delay/reverb unit, and a looper in order to play a synthesizer drone sound. This unit works for what I want it to do. The guitar feels sturdy, all the controls work and add to fine tuning the sound (volume control and a bass/treble tone control). The metallic blue color makes the guitar look good. For 99 bucks, I feel I got a bargain, and it even included a case and legs that set up it to sit in front of (and the legs even store in the case in a separate compartment). The case even has a free compartment where I am storing two thick and long cables. The case feels sturdy and not cheap. It feels like it will protect the guitar very well during transport. I am playing the guitar unconventionally, more as a drone instrument. It is kind of like an electronic Tamboura or Hurdy Gurdy, but with a lot of rich textures and sounds. This is mainly due to the Ebow which magnetically vibrates the strings in a very long sustain (I can use my left hand to change the texture of the sustained note by gently touching in for a moment in a few ways or sliding it along the string). I can even modulate the vibration by dialing the tuning pins and through this to find the desired tightness for optimal Ebow expression (as a drone instrument). The reverb unit, of course, adds to the richness of the sound and the looper allows harmonics to form (the Ebow can only play one string at a time). All in all, a good set of tools to work with. I do feel that the lap guitar holds its place in the set and has no noticeable weakness performing with the Ebow as an effective drone instrument. I give it 5 stars because it does what I want it to do and looks like a serious instrument. FYI Guitar does not have a resonance chamber, it is only electronic. It can sound without an amp, but is very low volume then (and then lacks the richness a good resonance chamber gives).”

“For a hundred bucks you get a beautiful lap steel guitar, removable legs and a really nice gig bag. The guitar sounds great once you replace the cheap poorly installed strings. I still give it five stars since the guitar and gig bag are such a steel. Strings aren’t too costly. I’ve bought two so far and recommended it to 3 others.”

“You can not beat this guitar given it’s price point! It came well packaged and setup was easy and precise. It was not tuned but that’s understandable when shipping you don’t want the strings tight. This unit plays like a much more expensive guitar. It has not buzzed or sounded tinny at all. It works well with both my amplifiers and produces a nice clear tone. The supplied legs are adjustable and make playing very comfortable. It also lends itself to many sounds through an effects pedal. I don’t think anyone would not be satisfied with this lap steel!”

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